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Bill Promes
Financial Planner

Bill’s passion for financial planning and investing began early on in his career. As a freshman at UC Berkeley, he worked for a small business that syndicated real estate news and information, where he began writing a Q&A database on personal finance and real estate that was eventually sold to Microsoft. This sparked a lifelong interest in the topic, which was further nurtured during his nearly 20-year career at Charles Schwab.

In 2021, he founded Austin Creek Capital with the goal of sharing his expertise and passion for financial planning and investing with clients. As a part of the XY Planning Network of fee-only Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs), Bill is committed to providing unbiased and objective financial advice to his clients.

Bill and his family live just north of San Francisco in Mill Valley. Outside of work, they enjoy getting together with friends and family and love to explore the greater Bay Area.

Who We Serve

Our services are tailored to busy professionals who are looking for help with accomplishing financial goals. Whether you are mystified by personal finance, or life is just too hectic to give it the time it deserves, we are here to help with personalized advice.  Our planning framework allows for specific planning opportunities based on the client’s needs.

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