Unlocking Your Retirement: Mega Backdoor Roth Strategy

What is a Roth IRA? What is a Roth 401k? Do I make too much money to qualify? What about backdoor vs. mega backdoor? If you’ve asked yourself any of these questions, keep reading! First some background: A regular IRA and a regular 401k both give savers the opportunity to put aside a portion of […]

Financial Fresh Start: 15 Ideas to Transform Your Finances in 2024

Didn’t get around to making New Year’s resolutions? It’s not too late to start some good financial habits for 2024.  Not sure where to start? Here are 15 ideas to get you started! Remember that personal finance is unique to each individual or family. Tailor these tasks to your specific financial situation and goals, and […]

Smart Tax Strategies: Tax-Loss Harvesting Basics

Towards the end of the year, you might see mentions of “tax-loss harvesting” – what does that mean, and should you be doing it?  In this blog post, we’ll explore what tax-loss harvesting is, how it works, and the numerous benefits it offers to investors.  Understanding Tax-Loss Harvesting Tax-loss harvesting is a proactive strategy employed […]

Turbocharge Your Giving: Navigating the World of Donor-Advised Funds

The holiday spirit and the end of the tax year mean that December is one of the biggest months of the year for charitable organizations.  Approximately 30% of all giving each year happens in December!  Today, we’ll learn about a tool that can help you support your favorite charities, while also giving you flexibility, easier […]

Alive & Thriving: How Estate Planning Empowers Your Present

Over my dead body! When the Estate Planning discussion comes up, most people jump to what happens after they pass away.  However, there are many ways you can end up unavailable to make critical financial or health care choices for yourself or your loved ones: disability, dementia, or simply on vacation without a cell connection. […]

Mastering Your RSUs

Introduction For many employees, a major part of their compensation program is through Restricted Stock Units (RSUs).  For employees, the rules around these stock awards and the way they are taxed can be confusing.  There are a variety of ways that these programs can be administered, but we will focus on the most common programs […]

Decoding the Basics of Financial Planning for Busy Professionals

In today’s always-on world of juggling demanding careers and family schedules, financial planning often falls by the wayside. However, it is a crucial aspect of securing your future and achieving financial independence. Today’s post will help decode the basics of financial planning and help busy professionals navigate their path to financial stability. The Importance of […]

How much should I save in my emergency fund?

As you begin your financial planning journey, one of the first things to tackle is the establishment of an emergency fund. An emergency fund can keep you from going into debt to handle life’s unexpected expenses: medical bills, job loss, car repairs, etc. There’s not a hard and fast rule as to how much should […]

The Financial Planning Process

When working with Austin Creek Capital, we have a series of meetings that are designed to get you to your financial plan in the most efficient manner.  The speed at which we move largely depends on how fast you, the client, would like to proceed.  At the very beginning of the process, we have a […]